The Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet) is a global association of Internet governance researchers. Please see the organisation’s mission here. This code of conduct applies to the use of the GigaNet listserv, as well as to all GigaNet events (whether digital, hybrid or in person).

Diverse opinions are welcome and encouraged. The GigaNet membership includes people from a wide variety of professional, disciplinary, methodological, national and other traditions. Members are expected to respect these differences. This entails maintaining a tone of civility and the use of good judgement: disagreements are to be expected, but blatant rudeness, personal attacks, lack of respect, and monopolization of discussion to further one’s own agenda will not be accepted.

Keep in mind that anything you send to the GigaNet listserv automatically goes to all subscribers – please keep posts on-topic for the list. Also remember when posting to the list it is a public forum and that your words will be available to everyone subscribed to the list. Messages sent via email can easily be reproduced and circulated beyond their originally intended audience, and the GigaNet Steering Committee are not responsible for consequences arising from list messages being redistributed. In the event that people cite emails from the list, they should be attributed to the list and the original author.

We ask that you focus discussions or remarks on the argument or issue rather than on particular actors, whether they be individuals, groups, organisations or governments, and refrain from ad hominem attacks.

We condemn and do not tolerate any forms of harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment, bullying, spamming, and ad hominem attacks, because we strive to build a community based on those principles for everyone, free of intimidation, discrimination, or hostility—regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, nationality, origin, race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, or physical appearance.

GigaNet members are encouraged to bring any potential incidents of behaviour contrary to the code of conduct to the attention of the GigaNet Communications Chair by email: comm[@] The GigaNet Communications Chair and the Steering Committee Chair will conduct initial review of any reports, and make a recommendation for action to the full Steering Committee. In a case where the Steering Committee Chair and Communications Chair are unable to reach consensus on a recommendation, the report will be brought to the full Steering Committee without a recommendation. Members of the Steering Committee will be required to recuse themselves in adjudicating any incident where they are directly involved or where they have another conflict of interest.

If a member is found to have violated the Code of Conduct, the Steering Committee will determine the appropriate response. Responses will be based on the nature of the incident in question, and on the history of the parties involved. Responses may include written warnings by email, movement of the individual to a moderated participation status on the GigaNet listserv, and in extreme cases ultimately removal from the GigaNet community.

GigaNet members are expected to promote ethical and responsible behaviour. Ethics and integrity are essential, and GigaNet members should behave in a responsible and principled way.

*This code of conduct is based on the IGF Code of Conduct and on the AoIR listserv rules of etiquette.