GigaNet has seen a steady increase in the demand to brand/endorse/sponsor academic events in the field of internet governance. GigaNet believes this is a very positive trend that it would like to see growing, within a consolidated framework with transparent rules for members who request this endorsement.

The following guidelines have been developed to request GigaNet’s endorsement of an event:

  • The event must address an internet governance issue. The approach to internet governance can go beyond the “traditional” internet governance topics (WSIS, IGF, ICANN, etc.) and incorporate areas such as Telecommunications Policy (net neutrality, access, etc.), Information Security and Economics (cybercrime, security of networks, etc), and Cyberlaw (jurisdiction in cyberspace, privacy, copyright, etc).
  • The event must be either organized or co-organized by at least one academic institution.
  • The applicant of the request should be a GigaNet member and should have an organizational role in the event.
  • The request should be sent to one of the GigaNet’s Steering Committee members with the following details:
    a) Name, place and date of event;
    b) Organizers;
    c) Outline of Agenda / Program.
  • Once the SC endorses the event, the applicant is encouraged to disseminate the event on GigaNet mailing list to promote members’ participation. The SC will publicize the event in its relevant outlets (website, social media platforms).
  • The applicant should acknowledge GigaNet’s endorsement by placing the logo in a visible place on the event’s website and/or printed materials.

Disclaimer: Any member’s objection should be raised to the SC, which will thoroughly address the issue.