Membership in GigaNet is open to individual researchers who have contributed to the scholarly literature on internet governance. In general, members also hold a PhD or other advanced degree and are affiliated with a university, research institution, or related organization. However, in reviewing membership applications, GigaNet will focus on overall scholarly profiles rather than strict conformity with these degrees and affiliation criteria.

As of 2011, GigaNet also welcomes observers – active participants of the internet governance community, who wish to participate in the GigaNet intellectual exchange, but have no or little research experience. Observers will have the full access to all GigaNet activities, cannot however run in GigaNet elections.

If you have questions about joining GigaNet, please contact the Chair of Membership Committee.

To apply for membership or observer status simply fill out the application form.

GigaNet Membership Criteria:

  1. GigaNet membership is open to individual researchers with a post-graduate degree, who have contributed to scholarly peer-reviewed literature on internet governance.
  2. Alternatively, applicants for GigaNet membership must demonstrate documented scholarly involvement in the internet governance domain (including academic peer-reviewed publications on the subject, relevant academic conference presentations, etc.).
  3. When applying for GigaNet membership, researchers (including postgraduate students) not yet in disposition of an advanced academic degree or a record of peer-reviewed publications, are required to present a letter of recommendation from their research supervisor or a GigaNet member.
  4. Observer status may be awarded to non-academics, including undergraduate students, who demonstrate documented interest or experience in the internet governance domain (e.g. non-academic publications, numerous educational or disseminating activities).
  5. Observers have full access to all GigaNet activities, but are not eligible to participate in GigaNet elections or run for GigaNet positions.
  6. Observers may be accepted as members at a later stage, should they present to the Membership Committee documented research background or scholarly involvement, as referred to in pts. 1-3.
  7. Applications must include the information requested in the application form, including contact information; incomplete applications will not be reviewed. The Membership Committee may request additional information. Should the information not be provided by the applicant within a month from the request, the Membership Committee will deem the application incomplete. Since the working language of the community is English, the Membership Committee would prefer to receive applications in English.
  8. Membership or the observer status is awarded by consensus of Membership Committee members.

Please keep in mind that members of the Membership Committee work as volunteers. There is therefore no fixed time for assessing applications. The Membership Committee will, however, be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. If you need more information on the status of your application, please contact the Chair of Membership Committee.