GigaNet, in collaboration with ICANN and other organizations, is establishing a global open repository of internet governance syllabi representing a range of disciplines, languages, and academic contexts. We hope to gather submissions from around the world garner more interest from other organizations and academic centers in joining in these efforts to create this resource for scholars, students, practitioners and others interested in internet governance as a field of study.

We invite you to send in both current and historical syllabi from course that you have taught, from full-fledged academic programs to short-term workshops. The repository supports the establishment of internet governance as a recognized, interdisciplinary field of study and will offer insights into course subjects, methods, and the evolution of the field.

If you would like to contribute to the repository, please submit your syllabus using this online form



Digital Governance | 2023

Governing Human-Algorithm Behavior | Spring 2022

Internet Censorship, Control and Governance | Fall 2022

Teaching Internet Governance | 2022

Internet Governance | 2021

Platform Regulation | Fall 2020

Regulating Internet Speech Platforms | Fall 2020

Internet Censorship, Control and Governance |  Fall 2019

Internet Governance_Mapping Global Internet Governance Principles, Policies and Practices  | 2012


Demokratie und Digitalisierung |   Winter 2019

Theorien des Digitalen- Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft, Politik 2 |  Spring 2019

Technik — Gesellschaft — Kommunikation- Künstliche Intelligenz und die Frage gesellschaftlicher Kontrolle  |   Summer 2018

Theorie und Empirie der Internetpolitik |   Winter 2017-18

Big Data- Kritik der algorithmischen Macht |  Summer 2017

Democracy reloaded- Demokratieverständnisse in der digitalen Gesellschaft |  Winter 2016-17

The syllabi in this repository are made available under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International