Presenting the Special Issue Vol. 45/6 of Telecommunications Policy

Norm Entrepreneurship In Internet Governance

Edited by: Roxana Radu, Matthias C. Kettemann, Trisha Meyer and Jamal Shahin.

Date • Wed, 14 July, 14.00-15.30 (CEST) • via Zoom

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Special issue • Telecommunications Policy

Featuring presentations from the authors of the special issue

Roxana Radu, Matthias C. Kettemann, Trisha Meyer, Jamal Shahin

Normfare: Norm entrepreneurship in internet governance

Nanette S. Levinson

Idea entrepreneurs: The United Nations Open-Ended Working Group & cybersecurity

Corinne Cath

The technology we choose to create: Human rights advocacy in the Internet Engineering Task Force

Julien Rossi

What rules the Internet? A study of the troubled relation between Web standards and legal instruments in the field of privacy

Robert Gorwa

Elections, institutions, and the regulatory politics of platform governance: The case of the German NetzDG

Nicola Palladino

The role of epistemic communities in the “constitutionalization” of internet governance: The example of the European Commission High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence

Chelsea L. Horne

Internet governance in the “post-truth era”: Analyzing key topics in “fake news” discussions at IGF

Nadia Tjahja, Trisha Meyer, Jamal Shahin

What is civil society and who represents civil society at the IGF? An analysis of civil society typologies in internet governance

Riccardo Nanni

The ‘China’ question in mobile Internet standard-making: Insights from expert interviews

Blayne Haggart and Clara Iglesias Keller

Democratic legitimacy in global platform governance