Not the ‘New Oil’: Data Governance and the Internet

13th GigaNet Annual Symposium

15 November 2018

Paris, France

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The 13th GigaNet Annual Symposium will take place on Thursday, November 15, 2018, in Paris, France, following the 13th annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF).

The symposium will be held at Sorbonne Université. Address: LIP6 Laboratory, Tower 26, Room 25-26/105 Sorbonne Université, Jussieu Campus, 4 Place Jussieu Paris, 75005 Paris. Attendees will need to show bags or luggage at campus entrance, as security measures still apply. See maps of Jussieu campus and neighbourhood indicating symposium location.


8:30 – 9:00          REGISTRATION AND WELCOME


  • Moderator: Meryem Marzouki
  • Neena Pandey and Rahul De’, “Legitimacy Perception of Internet Governance Form: An Inter-Country Analysis”
  • Dennis Redeker, “Exploring the Bottom-Up Digital Constitutionalism of the ‘Feminist Principles of the Internet’”
  • Nicola Palladino and Mauro Santaniello, “Setting the ‘Internet global multistakeholder community’. An empirical analysis of the IANA transition”
  • Anke Obendiek, “Protecting Whose Norms? Authority Struggles in Data Governance”

11:00-11:15         BREAK

11:15 – 12:45       TECHNICAL GOVERNANCE

  • Moderator: Hans Klein
  • Guillaume Sire, “Semantic infrastructures and the privatization of meaning”
  • Nathalie Marechal, “Accountability for Targeted Advertising: Bringing Transparency to the Practice of Surveillance Capitalism”
    (Replaces Corinne Cath, “Changing Hearts and Machines: Human Rights in the Internet Engineering Task Force” who unfortunately cannot attend)
  • Francesca Musiani, Alexandre Mallard and Cécile Méadel, “Governing What Wasn’t Meant To Be Governed: A Controversy-Based Approach to the Study of Bitcoin Governance”

12:45 – 14:15       LUNCH


  • Moderator: Derrick Cogburn
  • Liudmila Sivetc, “Let’s Control Copies Instead of Originals! New Way of Controlling National Internet”
  • Radomir Bolgov and Ruben Elamiryan, “Comparing cybersecurity in NATO and CSTO: Legal and political aspects”
  • Domenico Fracchiolla and Francesco Amoretti, “The Cyber Security Policy of the USA under the Obama Administration”
  • Martina Ferracane, “Data Flows & National Security: A conceptual framework to assess restrictions on data flows under GATS security exception”

16:15-16:30         BREAK


  • Moderator: Adam Peake
  • Rotem Medzini, “From national to transnational private regulation of/by European data protection officers as regulatory intermediaries”
  • Jennifer Shkabatur, “The Global Commons of Data”
  • Tobias Mahler, “‘ICANN Shall not Regulate’: A Critical Analysis of ICANN’s Post-Transition Regulatory Powers”

18:00 – 18:30       GIGANET BUSINESS MEETING