The GigaNet Reception

Sunday, November 24, 18:00-20:00, Villa Rixdorf Restaurant, Richardplatz 6, Berlin (15 minute walk from the Estrel Conference Center)

This event has been generously sponsored by ICANN.

The GigaNet 2019 Symposium

Monday, November 25, 10:35-18:00, Convention Hall I-D, Estrel Congress Center, Berlin

If you cannot attend the GigaNet Annual Symposium, watch the event LIVE here.

Symposium Program


Hans Klein, Georgia Tech, USA

10:40‐12:10 AREAS

Chair: Dmitry Epstein, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

  • The role of cyber‐capacity building in shaping the governance of the cyberspace in Africa, Enrico Calandro, Research ICT Africa, South Africa
  • The role developing countries in the governance of the Internet as a global public good: the case of South Africa, Alison Gillwald and Anri Van der Spuy, University of Cape Town and Research ICT Africa, South Africa
  • Policy by judicialization: the institutional framework for intermediary liability in Brazil, Clara Iglesias Keller, Leibniz Institute for Media Research | Hans‐Bredow‐Institute, Germany
  • Back up: can users sue platforms to reinstate deleted content? A comparative study of US and German jurisprudence, Matthias C. Kettemann and Anna Sophia Tiedeke, Leibniz Institute for Media Research | Hans‐Bredow‐Institut, Hamburg, Germany

12:10‐13:00 LUNCH


Chair: Carolina Aguerre, Universidad de San Andres, Argentina

  • Towards a European constitution for the internet? Comparative
    institutionalization and mobilization in European and Transnational digital
    constitutionalism, Dennis Redeker, Jacobs University Bremen/Universität Bremen,
  • Power spotted through its outcomes: understanding the relative contributions of different stakeholders in the shaping of a governance scheme for illegal hate speech online, Barthélémy Michalon, Sciences Po, France
  • Leaders and participation in transnational internet governance, Thomas Winzen and David Weyrauch, University of Mannheim, Germany
  • Much ado about hacking? How news media in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States report cyber threats, Christine Buse and Florian Meißner, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany

14:30‐14:45 BREAK

14:45‐16:15 LAWS & NORMS

Chair: Julia Pohle, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, Germany

  • IoTs and the need for digital norms – A global or regional issue? Maria Bada, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Protection of personal data through implementation of the right to informational self‐determination: identifying opportunities and pitfalls, Tatiana Shulga‐Morskaya, University of Bordeaux, France
  • From localization towards stewardship of data, Jyoti Panday, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India
  • Counter‐disinformation around the World: comparing state actions, Giovanni De Gregorio and Roxana Radu, Universita Bocconi, Italy, and Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford, UK

16:15‐16:30 BREAK

16:30‐18:00 THEORY

Chair: Marianne Franklin, Goldsmith’s University of London

  • Legitimacy in multistakeholder global governance—patterns at ICANN, Hortense Jongen and Jan Aart Scholte, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  • From discourse to policy change in cybersecurity: US‐Russian rivalry for cyber rules, cyberpower and practices of norm‐making, Ilona Stadnik Saint‐Petersburg State University, Russia
  • Global platform governance and the internet impossibility theorem, Blayne Haggart, Brock University, Canada
  • Telecommunications ownership and control (TOSCO). A new dataset on internet infrastructure in Africa, 2000‐2016, Lisa Garbe, Tina Freyburg and Veronique Wavre University of St. Gallen, Switzerland