We are proud to present the programme for the GigaNet Annual Symposium, taking place on Day 0 at the Internet Governance forum. In this symposium, 17 papers that have been selected from a competitive process will be presented.

The symposium will take place in hybrid format: you can use your IGF registration to sign up to the session both online and onsite. It takes place on 8 October, and will be help physically in Workshop Room #4 at the Internet Governance Forum.

Kyoto local times (UTC +9) indicated below

10:00 Introduction and welcome remarks
– Jamal Shahin and Roxana Radu

10:10 Panel I

Chair / Discussant: Jamal Shahin

Right to Data Access in the Digital Era: the Case of China (paper)
– Yik Chan Chin
Web PKI and the Private Governance of Trust on the Internet (paper)
– Karl Grindal, Vagisha Srivastava
Internet Fragmentation and its environmental impact: A case study of Satellite Broadband (paper)
– Berna Akcali Gur, Joanna Kulesza
ICT Standards and the Environment: a call of action for environmental care inside Internet Governance (paper)
– Kimberly Anastácio

11:25 Panel II

Chair / Discussant: Danielle Flonk

Institutional Change in Cyber Governance? Catalytic Factors & The United Nations Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) (paper)
– Nanette S. Levinson
Women, Peace, and Cybersecurity in Southeast Asia
– Jaimee Stuart, Cara Antonaccio
Principles for Enabling Responsible AI Innovations in India: An Ecosystem Approach (paper)
– Kamesh Shekar, Jameela Sahiba, Bhavya Birla, Garima Saxena

12:30 Lunch

13:35 Panel III

Chair / Discussant: Andrea Calderaro

AI Policies as a research domain: Preliminary Findings of Publication Pattern Analysis (paper removed)
– Radomir Bolgov, Olga Filatova
European Rules, European Tools? Mapping the Institutional Contours of EU Platform Regulation
– Robert Gorwa, Elettra Bietti
A new Social Contract for Data? (paper)
– Sophie Hoogenboom

14:50 Panel IV

Chair / Discussant: Raquel Gatto

Regional Internet Governance and Postcolonial Consciousness: A Nkrumahian Analysis of the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms (extended abstract)
– Adio Dinika, Dennis Redeker
Governing the Internet through South-Based Regional Private Regimes. Legitimacy at AFRINIC, APNIC, and LACNIC (abstract)
– Debora Irene Christine, Hortense Jongen, Nahema Nascimento Falleiros, Gloria Nzeka & Jan Aart Scholte
“Glocalizing” digital policymaking: the impact of the EU Digital for Development (D4D) policy on ICT policy adoption in the Global South (paper)
– Stephanie Arnold

16:05 Panel V

Chair / Discussant: Luis Barbosa

The ambiguity of Digital Sovereignty between territorialization of the cyberspace, extraterritorial claims and digital rights: analysing data transfer policies in EU, US and China (paper)
– Nicola Palladino
“Here Are Some Thoughts I Have”. On Threats of Regulation and Other Forms of Bullying as a Governance Mechanism (paper)
– Ramiro Álvarez-Ugarte
The Wallet of Digital Citizens: Online Payment Adoption in the Developing Countries’ Public Adminstration
– Ahmed Elmasry
YOUthDIG participation on regional and global level: The dynamics of meaningful youth participation (paper)
– Nadia Tjahja

17:00 Wrap up and closing session, before moving to Giganet Business Meeting (ICC Kyoto Bilateral Room #4, and zoom).